Talent Pipeline Consulting

Candidate Generation 


Finding the right candidate for a position is a tricky business but candidate generation can be improved when all the available options are embraced. Talent Pipeline software streamlines and automates recruitment tasks that allow companies to increase operational efficiency and grow candidate pipeline faster to reduce time-to-quality hire. TGM software automates all recruitment processes to take the stress and complexity out of candidate generation. Recruitment technology has become an essential tool in managing the generation of candidates on a larger scale.

Candidate Sourcing

salesalignment_greenTraditional sourcing processes are now defunct: hiring is no longer simple job adverts, followed by an influx of applicants that are stored in an ATS. Talent acquisition leaders must become brave explorers, searching for the very best talent. There exists an abundance of opportunities, channels and online portals from which recruiters can directly source high-quality, passive candidates…

Yield the power of online professional networks! Platforms such as LinkedIn have made it increasingly easy for recruiters to source the most passive candidates on the market. Using advanced search facilities, recruiters are able to connect with candidates and track their online activity. Delve into online networks and start connecting and engaging with a vast array of talent from across the globe. Last year, 81% of top recruiters used LinkedIn as their main means of talent sourcing.

Network, Network, Network! Never underestimate the value of old fashioned ‘mingling’. Attend industry conferences and professional events to engage with high quality, passive talent. It is essential to spend time getting to know potential candidates on a personal level before attempting to initiate a hiring conversation. Direct interaction with potential candidates is an effective means of sourcing and can prove to be an invaluable means of engaging the highest quality candidates.

Proactive Industry Scanning: Adopt a proactive approach to sourcing and seek out the highest quality candidates causing a stir within the industry. Be aware of trends within the industry and the key players driving them. Zero-in on top talent and use traditional means or existing networks to connect with then and initiate engagement.

Content Development


As the war on talent wages, creating and distributing engaging content that is relevant and resonates with the modern day candidate is imperative. Excellent blog posts, spellbinding multimedia and well written emails are all an excellent way to reach out to new candidates.

Even passive candidates are now digesting content insatiably. Over 150 million online channels provide daily thought leadership to a global audience. This coupled with obsessive internet browsing has opened up a raft of opportunities to engage with passive candidates like never before. But with such a vast amount of quality content available at candidate’s fingertips, how do you ensure that your content will pique the interest of high quality candidates?

An organisation must  have a clear understanding of what content will most interest the high quality candidates within their talent pipeline. Extensive data analysis of candidate profiles and tracking of online activity will provide insight into what content they are regularly digesting and through which channels. Following this an organisation must then effectively distribute content via the most candidate friendly channels. It is essential to keep in mind that candidates are now absorbing content almost constantly, on the go, via mobile devices. Therefore, all content must be easily accessible across a wide variety of devices and platforms to ensure it reaches the desired audience.

 Another key thing to remember about sending content to potential candidates is the importance of consistency. Timing and planning is something that even full-time content marketers have proven to be weak at, with only 37% working from a long term strategy. Hiring teams can do better in this regard, with a timetable to create and promote consistent material in order to build an expectant audience.

Database Building


It is essential to develop a database of talent. Sustainable talent pipelines are the most effective means of storing, engaging and nurturing high-quality talent, to deepen relationships and drive potential candidates from a stage of engagement to application. To build a sustainable talent pipeline, candidates must first be sourced. CandidateID’s Talent Talent Pipelining Platform will ensure that all candidates sourced via recruitment marketing, direct means and the ATS or CRM are integrated into one centralised master talent pipeline. It must then be effectively managed to ensure a thriving and sustainable talent pipeline is maintained. There is no set rule determining the life-time of candidates within the pool but an organisation must remain vigilant, removing candidates when they are no longer fit for hire. CandidateID will automate these processes, updating candidate profiles and removing ‘stale’ talent when necessary. Talent pipelines must also be micro-segmented to allow the organisation to more effectively engage and nurture the talent within it. This micro segmentation is crucial as it focuses on the pivotal positions within an organisation but does not disregard the remaining workforce. The 80/20 rule applies as it is estimated that 80% of success derives from 20% of quality candidates within the talent pool. Therefore, a lack of talent segmentation can result in organisations investing too much in potential candidates that important but not pivotal to overall organisational success. Organisations must ensure that they identify precisely the pivotal talent positions and subsequently develop a definitive talent group to filter directly into these positions. Building and maintaining a database of talent is effective in reducing time to hire, cost per hire whilst also minimising business disruption and ensuring an extremely high quality hire every time.

Nurture Campaign Planning


Automated nurture campaigns can be developed to provide a continuous flow of high quality content to talent within the pipeline. CandidateID ensures that all campaigns are highly personalised and laser focused to contain only content that is guaranteed to be of interest to the candidate. To effectively nurture the relationships with candidates, campaigns should not be sent with the sole intention of initiating a hiring conversation. The process of nurturing involves first the process of awareness and education. Nurture campaigns should be an extension of your organisation and all landing pages and material distributed provides a further opportunity to promote the employer brand. The content included in nurture campaigns should accurately reflect the evolution of the potential candidate from a stage of awareness to application. As the relationship develops, the campaign should progress to include more career specific content. With CandidateID’s real-time reporting tools, campaigns can be analysed at any stage to assess their overall success. The organisation then has the ability to identify exactly what works best for specific candidates and campaigns can be altered to incorporate these findings. In the initial stage, CandidateID will plan, develop and set-up all nurture campaigns. As the organisation grows in confidence with the Talent Pipelining Platform, the recruitment team can start to develop and plan all nurture campaigns in house.

Social Media for Recruitment


Social media is an effective means of sourcing and engaging potential high-quality candidates. CandidateID’s Talent Pipelining Platform allows hiring teams to post simultaneously to different social channels for regular posts and engagement. By automating this process, the hiring team have more time to reply to comments in a personable manner and to research brand new leads.

80% of job seekers will now use social media to research an organisation. Today, social media sites have now become an extension of employer review sites with many employees now openly sharing their opinions and experiences to a global audience. Recruiters need to proactively manage these social sites to develop an active, positive presence where the majority of their target audience are active. An active presence on a range of channels allows companies to build their employer brand into something impressive, showcasing the culture and attitude of their workplace, as well as demonstrating a genuine engagement with new, interested candidates.