Identify Hire-Ready Candidates

How do you identify exactly which candidates within your pipeline should be approached first for vacancies?

With Candidate.ID’s real-time blended candidate scoring algorithm and grading model it takes seconds to identify which potential candidates within your talent pipeline are hire-ready. Our algorithm tells you when each individual is becoming interested in opportunities, allowing you to make contact with them ahead of the competition. Each candidate within your talent pipeline builds an IDScore, which is an accurate reflection of their digital footprint. It is based upon their engagement with nurturing content such as emails opened, links clicked, landing pages visited, videos viewed, events attended, job pages viewed and much more. Without accurate scoring systems in place, you would simply be choosing candidates blindly from your talent pipeline.

Candidate.ID positions hiring managers centrally in the candidate attraction process, enabling them to build relationships directly with passive candidates. This makes it much easier to initiate a hiring conversation when the time comes. IDScores are beneficial in providing essential criteria for selecting candidates, cutting down significantly on time-to-hire whilst also ensuring you get the best talent for the job. Scoring systems also provide deeper candidate insight which enables faster conversion of qualified applicants into potential hires.

So How Does Our IDScore Work?

In short, scoring helps you to determine which behaviours indicate when a candidate is hire-ready. The nonlinear candidate journey, which is increasingly made up of a collection of self-directed, erratic micro-moments, makes it increasingly difficult for organisations to determine when candidates have a genuine interest in their job prospects. Candidate.ID has expert insight into the new-age candidate journey, understanding exactly what content and interactions are most effective in driving candidates from a stage of attraction to application. In identifying the typical journey of the modern day candidate and accurately scoring and analysing engagement and activity, Candidate.ID can provide invaluable insight into which candidates within your talent pipeline are most interested in your opportunities and more importantly, when.

Our IDScores reflect activity and engagement, and can measure a candidate’s level of interest or intent. Content that is primarily industry-focused will incur fewer points when viewed by candidates than specific job-focused content. Candidate.ID adopts tried and tested scoring methods and unique algorithms to accurately assess candidates within the talent pipeline. Grading is also used to assess a candidate’s persona and strategic fit for the organisation. Candidate.ID will identify ideal candidate personas to ensure the most appropriate candidates are selected for the organisation. Ideally having both a high grade, meaning the candidate is a good fit, and a high score, indicating the candidate is engaged, will signal to the organisation that the candidate is hire-ready.

Candidate.ID provides visibility of the candidate journey from end to end, tracking every touchpoint and interaction along the way from attraction to application. It enables you to understand what’s working and what’s not in your recruitment process, while piecing together how the best candidates interact with your employer brand.