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Take a look at some of our frequently asked questions below and discover how to make the most of Candidate.ID’s software.

How does the IDScore work?
Our algorithm builds an IDScore for each candidate based on their engagement with your content. In simple terms, candidates score based on their interactions; If they are primarily interested in industry-focused content then they receive low points; if they are interested in talent-focused content then they receive a medium amount of points and if they seem interested in job-focused content / your organisation, they receive a high number of points.
How do we add candidates to our Candidate.ID account?
Candidate.ID can sync to your ATS or CRM or you can upload candidate records from simple data sheets. If you need to build your talent pipelines, our Bureau service can help you to do this.
How do we create content to nurture candidates?
Content takes many forms and formats but may include: industry or job-specific content, interviews with your hiring managers talking about skills and insights, 'How to create a brilliant CV’ / ‘network your way into a brilliant job’ and job opportunities. You may already have brilliant content ready-made for nurturing candidates but if not, our Bureau service can help you produce this.
How little will CandidateID cost?
We offer three tiers of subscription – Standard with 0-9,999 candidate records for £1,500 pcm, Pro 10,000-49,999 candidate records for £3,000 pcm And Ultimate with 50,000+ candidate records for £5,000 pcm *Dependent on volume of records. We believe that you may be spending money on less effective recruitment services and products and our advice is to reallocate your budget from them to Candidate.ID. To find out more, visit the pricing section of our website.
How will Candidate.ID help me reduce cost-per-hire?
As you build and nurture your talent pipelines you create a warm bench of candidates who want to work for your organisation. When vacancies arise, it takes you seconds to identify which potential candidates to talk to based on their IDScore. You therefore don’t need to invest your team’s resources in time-consuming candidate sourcing for all roles. This is direct sourcing, fast.
How will Candidate.ID help me reduce time-to-hire?
At all times you can see which candidates are most interested in opportunities with your organisation so before the job specification is dry you already have a short-list.
How will Candidate.ID help me increase quality-of-hire?
Your talent pipeline should include your total addressable market – that is, everyone you might hire now or in the future. Your goal is to create the ultimate pool of candidates, exclusive to your organisation, inspired by your content and ready to take your call and come to the interview. We’re talking about a numbers game. The more great candidates you nurture, the better the choice you have for every vacancy.
What is a ‘talent brand’?
Your employer brand represents what it’s like to work at your organisation. It is a recruitment marketing tool. Your ‘talent brand’ is different. This is the brand of your people, including the hiring managers. What are their professional interests and priorities? What is their personality style? How do they manage and inspire their teams and what will candidates get from working for those individuals? That’s ‘talent brand’.
Why should we use hiring managers as the originators of content?
Those who are looking for a job will want to hear from a recruiter more than anyone else. Those who aren’t, which according to LinkedIn is around 80% of workers, will be more interested to hear from people with the same professional backgrounds as them and in a role they may aspire to.
Talent Pipeline Software
The process of building relationships with your total addressable market (everyone you might hire now or in the future) and generating goodwill with these people to convert more applicants.
The Age of the Candidate
That Age is now; candidates are in control. They have more choices than ever and can find out all about your organisation as an employer without speaking to you. To respond, you need to roll out the red carpet and that's what we help you do.
Most of our clients want to reduce time-to-hire while simultaneously driving up quality-of-hire and we don't see any need to separate these so at Candidate.ID, we're focused on helping you to enhance time-to-quality-hire.
Talent Brand
A newish part of your employer brand, your talent brand is the brand of your people. It’s been used in graduate recruitment to great impact for a long time but because social media has made the world more transparent, all savvy candidates will know about your hiring managers from their profile at LinkedIn, their Twitter account. If your hiring managers look compelling online, candidates will be more motivated and enthusiastic about working for your organisation.
Made famous by our sister company Social Media Search, ExecConnections refers to the process of connecting your hiring managers online, directly with potential candidates to create acknowledgement and build talent pools. LinkedIn connections, Twitter follows and Google+ Circles for example can be used in ExecConnections and utopia is achieved when your hiring managers are connected to your total addressable market.
Hire-Ready Candidates
Those who have considered you as an employer, educated themselves and are now motivated to have a recruitment conversation. Importantly, they have the right job titles, are in the right locations and work for the right kind of employer; you want their resumes now.
Most recruitment marketing takes the volume 'net fishing' approach but unfortunately you then need to spend a lot of time sorting your 'catch' and throwing much of it back in the sea. Candidate.ID allows employers to take a spear-fishing approach; to hone in with laser focus on hire-ready candidates so you can reduce time-to-quality-hire.