Build Deep Sustainable Pipelines


How do you build a warm sustainable bench of high quality candidates?

Recruitment is an exhausting and expensive process. With recruitment advertising being the most expensive form of advertising on the market, it’s time you ditched traditional outdated recruitment procedures and opted for a more efficient and effective way of sourcing the best talent in the industry. It was estimated in 2015 that only 38% of employers’ recruited on an ongoing basis throughout the year due to the high costs associated. To remain competitive in the industry and win the war on talent, it is essential that organisations develop and implement a long-term, sustainable sourcing strategy. Talent pipelines provide just that. By building a sustainable talent pipeline, companies can source, engage and nurture top level talent to develop long lasting relationships.

Best in class organisations are 55% more likely than all others to proactively build and expand the candidate pipeline regardless of the current hiring needs. In the age of the candidate, 80% of all employers believe that the skills gap is real and that it is a necessity more than ever before, to plan for the future and make use of sustainable talent pipelines.

Candidate.ID allows you to build your talent pipeline all in the one place, combining talent from recruitment marketing, direct sourcing and the ATS. Talent pipelines will be continually updated and ‘stale’ candidate data will be enriched to ensure an accurate and thriving pipeline. Up-to-date talent pipelines can dramatically improve the front-end of your recruiting process and ensure that candidates are being effectively nurtured to build deep pipelines of warm leads for tomorrow’s hiring needs.

Candidate.ID will automatically import applicants not hired from the ATS back into the Talent Pipeline Platform, ensuring all information is updated. These candidates will be funnelled back into the talent pipeline where you can market new opportunities and information to them at a later date. Without this valuable automation feature, you’re losing hundreds, if not thousands, of candidate that you already invested significant money in attracting. These candidates were interested enough to apply and could be ideally suited to another job opportunity within your organisation, however it is impossible to communicate to them in the ATS. Automation should be working to save you time, so you can do more with less resources.

How Do You Start Conversations With Your Talent Pool?

Talent pools are only an asset to your company if you have the ability to engage and pique the interest of the candidates within them to initiate meaningful conversation. The concept is simple. Dial up the relevance and resonance of your interactions and content and you’ll reap the benefits with increased opportunity for conversation with top level candidates.

Engaging candidates within the talent pool and striking up conversations with them requires persistence and creativity. Candidates self-directed journeys are made up of erratic micro-moments as they collect and absorb content on-the-go, almost constantly via smartphones. Therefore, you must carefully tap into this digital mobile era to open the window of opportunity towards engagement and conversation. Once conversation is initiated, your hiring team has the opportunity to deepen relationships and also gauge better the candidates overall level of interest in your company.

Candidate.ID will be with you every stage of the way to ensure that your content is relevant and resonates with high quality talent. Our detailed candidate behaviour tracking and analytics tools allows your talent acquisition teams to focus on what exactly what is most relevant to each prospect to better engage and nurture potential candidates.